About Meal Kits

The Chicago Partnership for Health Promotion (CPHP) started in 2002. CPHP is a part of the Illinois SNAP-Ed project known as Eat. Move. Save. CPHP provides high quality nutrition education and health promotion programs to SNAP eligible individuals, families and communities in Chicago. The Eat. Move. Save. Meal kit project emerged out of years of work addressing food access issues in the city of Chicago. The meal kit project exemplifies our work and commitment to addressing nutrition security in Chicago.

The Eat. Move. Save. Meal Kit is an e-commerce project dedicated to improving and resolving access to healthy and affordable foods through the use of a meal kit, which is packaged and delivered directly to the family’s home throughout Chicago. We have partnered with Top Box Foods to develop a meal kit with fresh ingredients and produce at affordable prices that can feed up to a variety of family sizes. All meal kits come with a complimentary recipe card. Each family can access the cooking tutorial on the Eat. Move. Save. website when they make their order which provides a step-by-step process of how to prepare the meal. There is also a supplemental cooking essentials bundle that can be purchased that contains spices, herbs and oils.

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